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Data Structures Interview Questions

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What is the output of the following program?

int main()
    int i=10,j=20;
    j=i++ + ++i;
    printf("%d %d",i,j);
    return 0;

Ans: As per C standard, there is no such rule to evaluate either right or left hand side of operator + on priority.Hence the statements like i+++++i should be avoided in programming

What are the major data structures used in the following areas: Network data model, Hierarchical data model, and RDBMS? The major data structures used in the above areas are:

Network data model Graph
Hierarchical data model Trees


Comparing to Incomplete Binary Tree, Complete Binary Tree and Full Binary Tree, Which tree is efficient considering space and time complexities?

Full binary tree loses its nature when operation as of insertions and deletions are done. For Incomplete Binary trees extra storage is required and overhead of NULL node checking takes place. So complete binary tree is the better one since the property of complete binary tree is maintained even after operations like additions and deletions are done on it.

What can we do using Data Structures?

Data structure allows:
Group related items together
Organize them in memory so that its convenient to program and
efficient to execute
An array is one kind of data structure (basically collection of

What are malloc,calloc and free?


malloc and free provide a simple general-purpose memory allocation package. malloc returns a pointer to a block of at least size bytes beginning on a word boundary.

The argument to free is a pointer to a block previously allocated by malloc; this space is made available for further allocation, but its contents are left undisturbed.


What is an empty string?

A string with zero character is called an empty string.


What is 'burst time' in operating system (OS) | cpu scheduling algorithms

Burst Time is actually time that is required to complete execution of particular task or process.

CPU Scheduling algorithms require Burst time as input.


Different CPU Scheduling algorithms are :

a) FCFS.

b) SJF.




What is use terminating null character?

Null character is used to check the end of string.


What is Brute Force algorithm?

Algorithm used to search the contents by comparing each element of array is called Brute Force algorithm


What are the properties of an algorithm?

An algorithm must possess the following properties:
a. It should get input data.
b. It should produce output.
c. The algorithm should terminate.
d. Algorithm should be clear to understand.
e. It should be easy to perform.