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Composite Data Type

Also known as derived data types, composite data types are derived from the basic data types. They are 5 in number.
1.Array: Sequence of objects, all of which are of same types and have same
name, e.g.: int num [5];
Reserves a sequence of five locations of 2 bytes, each, for storing integers num[0], num[l], num[2], num[3] and num[4].
2.Pointer: Used to store the address of any memory location.
3.Structure: Collection of variables of different types e.g.: A structure of employee's data, i.e., name, age, salary.
4.Union: Collection of variables of different types sharing common memory space.
5.Enumerated: Its members are the constants that are written as identifiers
Though data type they have signed integer values. These constants represent values that can be assigned to corresponding enumeration variables.
Enumeration may be defined as
enum tag {memberl, member2 .. member n);


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